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Cassette Tapes = $$$$$

Found a huge cassette tape collection in the dumpster over at the SALVAL here in LANCcity that was seven suitcase’s with 120 tapes in each that I had to get out of a 15 foot high dumpster. I didn’t want to break the tapes when I through them over the side so what I did was pushed a clothing cart that they had left out were someone had left their trash bags full of soft ass clothes in there for me. After moving the cart over I proceeded to throw the cases into it not missing one. After that I loaded them up in the car and took the booty home for inspection. Once I opened the first case I knew that I had some here on my hands.

These here are the ones that I took out of the cases and posted them on ebay in one big ass lot.. Well two big loads of tapes. Funny because on the first lot I listed out most of the albums that were included but with the second one I didn’t have time, I could have made time but never got around to it. So the first lot went for 40 plus and second for 99 cent but lucky it was the same buyer so I made up for it with shipping a bit.

Now I did have a large collection of tapes that I was finding here and there over the coarse of a few years but about one year ago I had to just get rid of them because I needed the space at the time. Not sure why I didn’t post them to eBay but can remember. Probably because I didn’t think they would be worth anything.


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