I'm dtrain, welcome to my web space where I post random stuff every once in a while. From books that I find in the trash to my journal pages that I try to write every day. I don't think this site is what kids should be looking at so if your under the age of 18 then you should go along to another website.

4/27/2020 – Only 2 Months 2 Go

Today I had an appointment with my P.O. at 2 oclock at the court building in Lititz. NOT Anymore!@# When me at Lexi came in from walking the dogs this afternoon I logged on to my GMAIL only to find that He had shot me an email exactly at 1pm. He just told me that he tired contacting me at my old phone number and for me to send him a number where he could reach me at. So I sent him my girlfriends because thats how players do do mane. Then maybe 10 minutes later the phone rang. So I answered it and talked for a few minutes and then hung back up. “Was the it?” asked Lexi after I gave her the phone back saying “Thank You”..

Yupper, you know I just let him ask all the questions while I just sit back and answer what I can Ya know


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