I'm dtrain, welcome to my web space where I post random stuff every once in a while. From books that I find in the trash to my journal pages that I try to write every day. I don't think this site is what kids should be looking at so if your under the age of 18 then you should go along to another website.

The Rush Hour Book

Shell Answer Book #6 – The Rush Hour Book – How America CUTS the COST and HEADACHE of Driving to Work.

Here is another one of them DIY books that Shell used to throw out at you while grabbing gas. You’d find them for miles after passing a Shell Gas Station because of the amount of these got throw out the windows. Quite Frankly, I think that they are good little Do It Yourself Books that include all types of interesting shit under the covers. I have scanned all these books that I found in a dumpster a couple of years ago. I’d like to do a review on them after I finish reading them. Gonna have to read them all on the computer now condsidering I have NO clue where any of them would be.


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