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The Chemical DO’s & DON’Ts Book

Shell Answer Book #20 – The Chemical Do’s and Don’ts Book

Check out this retro DIY book from the late 60ies early 70ies that the Shell Gas Station would hand out to its customers who were filling up their tanks. You’d think this books has to be pretty rare espesally in this great of condition. I mean this thing looks like it’s been in a filing cabnit for 40 years until I found it tossed away in a dead mans dumpster.


Home Safety Quiz
Do you have emergency numbers (police, fire, Poison Control
Center) posted at every phone?
Do you keep an emetic in the house to induce vomiting?
Do you know when you should never induce vomiting?
Do you know why it’s important to save the container when
someone is accidentally poisoned?
Do you keep perfumes, colognes, after-shaves and concentrates
such as vanilla extract out of the reach of children?
Do you read the label when you’re buying a household chemical
Do you store garage items such as gasoline, paint and solvents
away from pilot lights and other ignition sources?
Do you keep extremely hazardous products like drain cleaners,
bleach and ammonia out of the reach of children?
Do you discard leftover prescription drugs as soon as you stop
taking the medicine?
Do you store poisons such as bug killers in separate cabinets
from foods?
Answers: Every one of your answers should be “yes. ” One “no” means you ‘ve failed the test.


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