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Tagged: 2020

Weird Military Convoy Rolls Thru Manheim

I forgot that this shit even happened.. Probably because i was a bit weird to see this huge military convoy rolling through Manheim Pennsylvania. It went right down the center of town, on the main street. This thing was huge as there were at least 15 semi-trucks and troop vehicle; es before I got my phone out and filming. Let me know what you’ all think it was for.

Philly Trip March 2020

I’m always going from Lancaster to Philly about once or twice a week because of the open air market in northeast that just makes finding what...


Well the day is almost over now and I basically slept all day anyway. Not sure what I wanna do tonight but I do know that...

1/26/2020 @ 9:18pm

Damn not sure why I lost my focus on writing that last entry as I left it blank. I do that all the time it seems. Ok well, I just didn’t even finish what I was saying/thinking there.