I'm dtrain, welcome to my web space where I post random stuff every once in a while. From books that I find in the trash to my journal pages that I try to write every day. I don't think this site is what kids should be looking at so if your under the age of 18 then you should go along to another website.


Have you heard about this app called decluttr? They buy all types of technology devices as well as DVDs, CDs, VideoGames, and my favorite books. Tho the books have to have a barcode on them to scan but most of the newer books have UPC barcodes on them now anyway.

I’ve used the APP maybe six or seven times now and I have to say that it’s super easy and simple to use plus it is very fast as in you’ll ship your items then in about four or five days (including weekends I’ve noticed) you’ll have your payment via PayPal is what I used but there is other options for payment as well. They have straight payments made into your bank account as well as checks sent thru the mail too. They send you a UPS label via email then you slap it on your box of items and take it to the UPS store. Easy Peazie.

Now the only downside is the amounts that they pay you for some of the items you scan.. I’ve gotten some books, cds and dvds that come up as only a cent worth of value. Now for me it’s not a big deal because I find all my shit I sell them in the trash so it’s all profit for me. But I’ll tell you that if I paid full price or even if I paid anything for the item I’m sending it’s gonna straight piss the shit outta me to sell it for a penny but you have to understand that they need to make money to.. Thats my review of Decluttr and I’ll gonna have to say that I approve the app 80% and that wou;d be a full hundred if their prices were better. Oh yeah before I forget one of the best things about this service is that there is no minimum amount that you have to send them like on some of the other similar apps out there.


So I’m still using this app now maybe two or three times a month. In total i would say that I’m making close to 100 dollars extra a month while collecting trash how I do now for years. Some books it really likes including text books and anime books.


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