Welcome to our spectacular photo shoot at the iconic Graffiti Pier, known and cherished by locals in the Port Richmond Terminal area of Philadelphia. Formerly an abandoned industrial site, this pier has undergone a remarkable transformation, adorned with stunning street art and graffiti. Our photography session is dedicated to capturing the vivid spirit and vibrant aesthetics of this urban masterpiece.

Year: 2023
Location: Port richmond termial philadelphia pa
Camera: Sony

Graffiti Pier - A Canvas of Urban Expression:

Graffiti Pier represents the resilience and creative energy of the community. This once-neglected structure has evolved into an outdoor art gallery, where artists from all walks of life have contributed to its striking visual tapestry. Our mission is to celebrate and showcase the ever-evolving artistry on display here.

Our photography session at Graffiti Pier seeks to merge the dynamic backdrop of colorful urban art with the elegance and character of our subjects. We aim to highlight the synergy between the lively street art and the people who are part of the vibrant Philadelphia community.