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Philly Trip March 2020

I’m always going from Lancaster to Philly about once or twice a week because of the open air market in northeast that just makes finding what you want so god damn easy. Plus the quality is tip top as most of the shit you find out my way is just the same shit stepped, cut, chopped and/or halfed. Then also there is the prices in Philly just make the whole trip worth it even tho it takes a whole damn day still it is worth it 100% everytime.

Pre-COVID era I would just take the Amtrak train out there and back for a light $40 bucks but since COVID bull shit now the train is not running plus Allen doesn’t want me to drive the Jeep anymore for the usual reasons being that I don’t have a license, insurance or fucking any money if anything happens. I do understand what he is asking but after getting used to driving it everywhere it’s a hard damn habit to break. Tho I have been respecting his wish these last two months, mainly because the truck that Lexi bought me is actually running pretty damn good for the time being. If you would have asked me to take the truck a year ago when I first got the thing, I’d say hell no as I did not think it was gonna get to my mothers house which is only an hour and a few minutes away. Now I’ve driven the truck to Philly and back maybe four or five times already.. Fucking Love it. Now when I ‘m running low on down, I’ll start scrapping hard for like two days so I can get a nice load up in the truck and then I take it to Jays place in the city because the scrap yard is not open yet.

So far I have a decent pile of Steel, stainless, wire and brass there already to roll straight on over to the yard right there next to Jays place on silver street. I’m gonna be making a run this morning and have another load ready to roll right now.

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