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1/25/2020 @ 11:35pm

Ole Mikey is back and outta prison!
plus check out this dope ass new notebook that I’m gonna use for my Journal for 2020

First off let me say that this one dope ass journal book that I found in the dumpsters at the soccer fields across the street from the rental in Manheim that the family moved into fairly recently. What a great find to start the new year of 2020 in a new spot the next town over from grandma Louis’s house on Snyder Hill Road along the outer edge of the town of Lititz. Now let me get into my day.

This is what ole mikey got me back into years ago.. Not his fault tho, nobody ever forced me to put anything in my arm…

So after picking up the messager app by the dreed FACEBOOK Company which installed or came installed on my new phone. Lucky for me that I may have hit the shortcut my accident perhaps, but this time it was fate because I saw that my friend that I met at the halfway house I went to once I got out of rehab back in 2016 after my last stint being locked up in  CCP. Yup, Mike Henry was active appearently as the app stated. The last I heard from ole Mikey he was locked up in Berks County Prtson for a County Max sentence  of 11 1/2 to 2 years. Luckily for him (as well as myself when I got the county life sentence hit on to my 2nd DUI charge.

As I pulled up the messager screen inside the app I saw that he had been trying to get a hold of me for a couple weeks. WTF, this is one of the reason why I hate social media app because if he would have just called my ass, I would have picked up the phone thus hearing from him week ago. But maybe he did have my cell phone number and this was the only way that he could get a hold of me which makes social media a life saver as I wouldn’t have ever hook back up with one of my favorite modern (Post 2016 rehab run) buddies. Not only were we good buddies but he was my top drug dealers as well. Best friend plus grear drug dealer makes for a sticky combination when us two start hanging out on the reg because you know then that we be staying straight always fucked up to the maxium overdrive status. You dig me?

I wasn’t a fan of Facebook at all for a long time but every damn new phone has facebook installed but you can’t even uninstall it tho you can disable it. Tho if you get a phone four or five times a year like I do then you start getting tired of it. So I made an account and realized why everyone uses it now. Because you can get a hold of all the people from the past that you lost touch with.. I’m a total user now!

– dtrain about FACEBOOK “the devils app”

The last I had knew about old Mikey was locked up out in Berks or Montgomery County here somewhere around me in Pennsylvania. He was serving a year sentence for trafficing a controlled substance or maybe it was just that he was in possention of some narcotics. Whatever it was all that doesn’t matter because  when your boys your boys so I hit him back up to see what the deal was and if he was dealing shit again because if so I need some of whatever he got.

So I got back at him at the wrong time as usually because Lexi and I were coming back from a dope run to philly and were on the turnpike almost back from a long day of get on the block to find the dope and we also stopped at my best friend Jays Bandomium that’s right in the badlands of northeast philly, home of the largest open air drug market on the East Coast or actually the entire United States of America. Since Mikey had just gotten a place in West Reading across the Penn Ave bridge on the better side of the City of Reading. Now currently Lexi, the dogs and I are almost at the Turnpike exit for Reading so we would not really be going out of our way to much, right? Well let me tell you what, that Lexi did not think that any part of the new revised plan was a good one at all. As Mike and I talked about today, we both are unsure why she doesn’t like the guy? Tho Mikey gave me a pretty good idea of way Lexi doesn’t like him, which I think he idea is a lot of shit being why I had to write in down any how.

So Mike tell me that the reason that Lexi doesn’t fancy him is because he is a better drug dealer then she will ever be! Hahahaaa that fucking funny as shit being that what the hell would Lexi care about selling drugs.. I mean WTF, she is going to school to be come a mother fucking nurse and shit. Like I don’t think that she has ever given two shits about weather he can sell drugs better then her.. Now with him saying that is the exact reason why she doesn’t like the guy. Because he is so full of himself that it came be discusuing at times. I mean with all the damn stories that his mouth can come up with all the god damn time. I can’t believe that as it would be true if it just wasn’t so peddy, I don’t wanna even think about it like that.

I think that the reason is a hell of a lot simpler than all of that, It’s because some of Mikey’s tales or stories are super far out there but he has always proved right to me on the four or five times it comes up to be proved. Personally, I love Mike for exactly what he is, a bruh mane that is completely full of his self. Yup, I was sober as shit with him for like three months so I know exactly what he is about and I just can’t forget it… REMEMBER!@#


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