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1/26/2020 @ 9:18pm

Damn not sure why I lost my focus on writing that last entry as I left it blank. I do that all the time it seems. Ok well, I just didn’t even finish what I was saying/thinking there.

A Philly Dope Bag

OK After getting on as hell (High As Shit), I met up with Mikey on Saturday before work. So night one was filled with me sitting on the computer and getting caught up on my eBay/Amazon Seller Shit. I should have been working on my Tupperware Online Replacement Parts E-Commerce Shop that I’m trying to get off the ground and online open for business. I got the Facebook page almost set up here with a page about the shop and then I found that you can make the shop with eBay’s app but they probably get a nice cut and we don’t need that as that is why I want to get eBay out of the picture. Right? I’m thinking that I just want the Facebook page to direct people to the domain where I have the shop set up using WordPress and Woocommerce. As of now, the domain that I bought to use is “tupperwhere.online”, like Where’s the Tupperware Online? Nice Right? I think so too.


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