I'm dtrain, welcome to my web space where I post random stuff every once in a while. From books that I find in the trash to my journal pages that I try to write every day. I don't think this site is what kids should be looking at so if your under the age of 18 then you should go along to another website.

dtrain’s Physical Music Collection

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Bessie Smith
The Bessie Smith Story - Volume 4
Columbia Records , 1955
12" vinyl, album

Side 1

1Back Water Blues (lyrics)
2Preachin' The Blues (lyrics)
3Moan, Mourners (lyrics)
4He's Got Me Goin (lyrics)
5Blue Spirit Blues (lyrics)
6On Revival Day (lyrics)

Side 2

7Trombone Cholly (lyrics)
8Send Me To the 'Lectric Chair (lyrics)
9Long Old Road (lyrics)
10Shipwreck Blues (lyrics)
11Empty Bed Blues (lyrics)

Ever since I got out of jail after that year and a few months I have been trying to get my audio album collection back up to what it was before I lost / sold / was stolen all the music albums that I accually owned and had the physical media in my Collection. Gathering all these ablums has been slow and steady considering that I don’t pay money for anything but what I have to so that I can enjoy life and want to get out of bed everyday.

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