I'm dtrain, welcome to my web space where I post random stuff every once in a while. From books that I find in the trash to my journal pages that I try to write every day. I don't think this site is what kids should be looking at so if your under the age of 18 then you should go along to another website.

Category: Videos

Just like my photos category but these pictures are moving… Ha hahaha, These are all the wild and crazy videos that I’ve taken throughout the years that are appropriate to be placed online as there are a ton that I just can’t have the world seeing because they contain me doing dumb ass shirt that I can’t have to get back to my mother as she would be very very upset with me. But still, be very aware that these videos are not for kids or are they safe for viewing at your place of employment because I don’t want anyone losing their job over some dumb shit. Right?

Weird Military Convoy Rolls Thru Manheim

I forgot that this shit even happened.. Probably because i was a bit weird to see this huge military convoy rolling through Manheim Pennsylvania. It went right down the center of town, on the main street. This thing was huge as there were at least 15 semi-trucks and troop vehicle; es before I got my phone out and filming. Let me know what you’ all think it was for.