What the hell is this 4? 2 oils at once?

I'm having a hard time trying to figure out this odd ball oil burner design.. with the two balls on one stem? Weird isn't it.. you'd need to use both hands with 2 lighters to use both of the bubbles at one time. The girl at the vape store gave me a deal on the big bigger biggest piper that I'd had gotten on one of my last trips. To the dub maybe 2 weeks ago when I dropped my glass while sitting on the motorbike. That sucked.

Selling my controller, why god? Why?

WTF is wrong with myself is all I can think about since I posted my Denon MC-4000 Serato DJ Controller that I bought with the last of the Pandemic Monies that the government was giving out easy pezy. I still don't have a consistent job that I can count on besides the slowly declining Uber eats delivery that are paying less and less even tho gas prices are getting more and more. Something is going to blow soon. I mean damn, look at that layer of dust across the unit.. someone has been deejaying a lot... Right???

Prompted? #1

What's the story behind your nickname?

Afew years after I started DJing actual parties and events it was decided that I couldn't continue using the Dave Chappelle Dylan skit. That's when I truly started to think of a name, then I stumbled upon a record by the artist "dtrain" who looked like the black doppelganger of myself and that's when it was officially born.

The last one……. Tastes like umpialumpa yurts.

If somebodybcould help me out with the spelling the name of those green faced migit people's that danced and sang people off to lala land with they got in trouble. Let me get to the post at hand tho as I found these amazing Skittles flavored yogurt at the GIANT Store that were fvcking bomb at least I thought so after trying one walking around. So I bought the whole lot of them and eat all of them in 2 days making myself sick.

Unbelievable Shipping Time

I can't believe that I can order things off of amazon at 3:05am then receive them later on the same day. Really I find it impossible! Well, its time to put it to action. I ordered some new bong tops for the ole oil burning lamp, wink wink. The lamp that has my magie genie inside it. What know it states that I have to order at least $35 dollars worth of whatever. They know how to get you when your late night spending.. hah here are the things i'm ordering and should have them later on this afternoon.. from what they say. we'll see.

8 Pack Household Items Glass Connecting Adapter Tube (10mm)

hope they are the right size... Thats why I got two of them

14mm Male Glass Connecting Adapter (6 Pack)

and then a phone holder from my new bike.

Roam Handlebar Bike Phone Mount - Universal, Adjustable Bicycle Phone Holder for Motorcycle, Classic, Electric and Mountain Bike - Compatible with iPhone & Android Devices

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