2nd night at new J-O-B, yeah I did indeed say the Jay Word…

I’m outside at my new dishwashing job in Kensington Philadelphia right on Kensington Ave it’s only about 3 blocks from the Badlands junkyard. It’s a Taiwan Taiwanese restaurant that has amazing food. I’m really enjoying the people that I’m working with, they seem like some real down-to-earth individuals. It is another husband and wife team like it was at rooster Street deli. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then whatever but if you do know who I’m talking about (the best bosses ever) the always remembered tag team business heavy weight title holders TONY & CHRISTINA PRICE… OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. Let’s get back to the Vietnamese bistro of Philly.

My first taste of their amazing food, pineapple fried rice. My free employee meal right here baby??!

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