Selling my controller, why god? Why?

WTF is wrong with myself is all I can think about since I posted my Denon MC-4000 Serato DJ Controller that I bought with the last of the Pandemic Monies that the government was giving out easy pezy. I still don't have a consistent job that I can count on besides the slowly declining Uber eats delivery that are paying less and less even tho gas prices are getting more and more. Something is going to blow soon. I mean damn, look at that layer of dust across the unit.. someone has been deejaying a lot... Right???

Funniest trade in kenzo for me at least

So as I was getting back from a Walgreens trip on the newest addition to the motorbikes, the G450, i saw this very black kid at the side gate to where my camper is located plus he was yelling about two white boys killing him or better yet setting him up.. now Ive never seen this guy I'm my life but figure that hopefully Jay know what's going on.

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